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    16 oz. All-Purpose Liquid Soapy Goodness

    16 USD


    All-Purpose Liquid Soapy Goodness is truly all-purpose. I'm not just whistling Dixie here. I use it for my laundry, my dishes, it's my face & body wash, sometimes it's my shampoo, it's the base for my cleaning supplies, my animals begrudgingly get bathed in this...I'm probably forgetting some uses too. If you're a camper, outdoorsy or are just looking for that one eco-friendly product that pulls double/triple/quadruple duty, look no further than this. Another added bonus is that it comes concentrated so you can use it as is or make it go father by adding water which will get it to the consistency of other liquid soaps.

    Made with water; olive, rice bran and coconut oils*; potassium hydroxide; aloe vera juice; unrefined shea butter; vegetable glycerin; sodium borate; and essential oils.
    *organic ingredients