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    Earth & Sky

    8.40 USD


    Earth & Sky

    This appeals to the childlike quality in me. The little girl that loves all things whimsy. Created with pen and marker.

    Each giclee print is made on acid-free, archival matte paper. Depending on your framing needs, an image can be borderless or have a 1/2" white border. (For example, an 8" x 10" print has a 7.5" x 9.5" image with a 1/2" white border surrounding it on all sides.) Unless otherwise indicated, I will default to the 1/2" white border. Other sizes, borders, paper and canvas choices are available, just contact me to ask. To cut down on turn around time, the print will be shipped directly from the printer to you. For gifts, special messages can be included for $0.75. Typical turn around for PAPER orders is 1-3 business days. Typical turn around for CANVAS is 5-10 business days. Rush shipping is available at an extra cost. The printer will ship either in a round tube or flat. Please let me know immediately if you need it shipped flat. Just gently reverse the bend for a few minutes and the paper should lay flat. Since each print is being made elsewhere, signed prints are not available and other items from my store cannot be included in one package. Sadly, that means that you will have to checkout twice if you want to purchase any sewn or soapy goods. The "Jaime Hazard" watermark will not appear on your print.